I have kindly been sent this amazing hamper from Prestige Hampers to feature on my blog. I don't know what it is about hampers but I associate them with Christmas, I don't really get hampers any other time of year. I usually get a hamper from work and Clint has actually got a hamper this year too nothing like this one from Prestige Hampers though. 

This is the Happy Christmas Basket it's a really decent size and packed full of goodies. They basket is lovely, it's a great quality and you could use it again and again. The handle makes it perfect for picnics or you could use it around the house for decoration, I actually use a basket like this to store things in my bathroom like bath bombs and shower gels so it looks tidy. 

The basket is full of lots of amazing brands and products. There is a really good selection of products and variety. This is a non-alcoholic hamper so it's perfect for everyone. I love the little lemonade and ginger beer, the bottles are really cute. 

Inside theres, tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolates, cake, Christmas pudding, and popcorn! It's just jam packed with lots of amazing treats. 

I think hampers are a great gift for employers to give to their employees because you can't really go wrong with a lovely hamper. I also this would be a lovely gift for my Grandparents as I usually struggle with what to get them but I know they would eat everything in here so it would make a great gift. I think hampers are a nice gift idea and great if you struggle to buy for someone. This one looks very luxiourous aswell because of the lovely basket.

There's still time to order before Christmas so head over to Prestige Hampers to check them out, they have a range of different hampers and other products to choose from and they vary in price so go on over and have a look. 

* this post contains pr samples

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