Pancakes are a great breakfast idea and these are really easy to make and don't take too long to make and they taste great! You could easily serve these up with some chocolate treats for a desert idea. 

35g of Oats
90g Yogurt -  use enough to cover the oats well.
  add vanilla essence if your using a plain yogurt. 
2tbsp sweetener 
two eggs 
Rapeseed Oil - less saturated fat than all other commonly used cooking oils and fats

*Mix together the yogurt and oats and leave in the fridge overnight if possible. 

*Next up mix in the other ingredients - 2 eggs and sweetener This is your mixture, it should resemble a batter mix.

*Heat some Rapeseed Oil in the pan to prevent the mix from sticking. You want to heat your pan on a low heat. When the pan is hot use a ladle and pour in your mixture. I tend to do a nice medium size pancake but its up to you whether you prefer a smaller size or larger size.

*When one side is golden and the top has started to bubble/ gone yellowish then it's time to flip it over and cook the other side through, this shouldn't take long.

*Repeat until you've used up all of your batter mix. 

Serve with whatever topping you like. 
My favourite is Banana and Nutella but its up to you! 
Berries, Yoghurt, Cream, Strawberries, Blueberries the possibilities are endless! 
What toppings would you choose?

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