Today i'm going to share a few tips on how you can save money and manage your money in the new year! I always say i'm going to cut back and save money and never do so but this year I want to start saving money for a deposit on our own place so we need to cut back somewhere.

The main thing when trying to budget has to be organising! Get yourself a notebook so you can write lists or make a plan of your spending. Just writing things down makes it so much easier for me.

We have a seperate bank account which our rent and bills come out of and we both transfer money into this account on payday. This means when our bills and rent is due that the money is in the account and not in our bank accounts for us to spend, I don't even carry my debit card for the joint account out with me. 

Check your statements, I know this sounds obvious but once I had a payment for a subscription coming out of my paypal account and It wasn't mine and I didn't even know what it was but this was money that was coming out of my account! 

Look at your finances, credit cards and bills and research if you could save money by switching? By Switching bank accounts, sometimes you can save money on fee's by doing a bank transfer and you can save yourself paying crazy fee's or you could get a small loan and pay off your credit card but pay back in easy monthly installments instead. 
You can sometimes save money by switching your energy suppliers or comparing your car insurance online before you just renew for another year! There's so many comparison websites out there now that will compare prices for you which makes it so easy to save money.

Get loyalty cards etc, our Tesco clubcard saves us so much money, we tend to do most of our shopping at tesco and Clint occasionally gets fuel from there so our points add up and we get vouchers in the post, a few weeks ago we got £8 off our shopping and last week they sent out vouchers that give you £3/£4 off for the next 6 weeks if you spend over £30 so we can make great savings on our general food shop.
I also have a boots card which I have over £25 worth of points to spend, I sometimes use this when money is a little tight and I need essentials or need to get my eyebrows done etc.
Also use apps like Vouchercloud and Vouchercodes to find the vouchers, if your shopping or going out for food etc theres tons of vouchers which can save you money! Check out moneysupermarket too for great tips for saving money using vouchers.

We also plan our meals so we know what we are eating that week and stick to a shopping list so your not filling the trolley with stuff you don't need. This way we don't throw away food and it makes it easier because if Clint finishes work he can go home and start dinner because he knows what we are having. We spend less time worrying about what we are having for dinner, we have found we have less take-aways aswell because we know what we are having for dinner so this has saved us money here too!

So whether like us you need to save up for a deposit or to move out or you want to go on that holiday you've been talking about or maybe your just looking at saving for next Christmas then these are a few easy tips that we have found work for us. What are your saving tips and tricks? 

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