Life gets in the way of beautiful skin – how to fix it

Nothing is a better indicator of your state of health than beautiful, clear skin. You can get away with less make up, and you appear radiant without the help of a blusher brush. However, at certain times of year, and particularly in the run up to Christmas and a cold January, your skin can suffer from both the excesses of the party season, the drying effects of central heating, and being battered by cold winds.  

You don’t have to suffer below-par skin in the winter, however, as there is plenty you can do to fix it. Here are a few tips for making sure your busy life doesn’t mean you don’t have beautiful skin:  

Wear sunscreen  even in dull winter weather. Most skin damage – and wrinkles in particular – is from exposure to the sun’s rays. You can’t fix wrinkles, so preventing them is a smarter idea. Look for a formulation that will offer protection against UVA and UVB rays, and go for an SPF of at least 15.  

Keep it clean – nearly three quarters of women don’t wash their make-up brushes, even though they pick up enough dirt and bacteria to cause spots and other skin infections on a regular basis. Brushes should be washed at least once a fortnight, in a little mild shampoo and water, and left to air dry. Mobile phone users aren’t exempt; we don’t always touch them with clean hands, and yet we hold them up to our faces multiple times a day – invest in some sanitising wipes.  

Get your beauty sleep – if you don’t get enough sleep, your circulation becomes sluggish, which is why you tend to look pale if you get a bad night’s sleep. Your skin also does much of its repair work while you’re asleep, so slather on those night creams and let them go to work overnight. Take your make-up off first too.  

Hit the bottle – here’s the good news; in modest quantities, red wine is good for your skin. This is because it contains a powerful antioxidant which actually prevents wrinkles and skin sagging. Better still, especially in party season, chase your glass of red wine with a snack of some mixed nuts – walnuts in particular are rich in omega-3, which helps to prevent spots, and all nuts are rich in the kind of oils which are beneficial to your skin. 

Don’t ignore moles and marks – if you have a skin blemish which refuses to disappear, or a mole changes shape or starts bleeding or itching, seek the advice of a specialist as soon as possible. You may even wish to go private, and visit a Chelsea outpatients department where a dermatologist will be able to set your mind at rest or recommend treatment.  

It’s easy to neglect your skin when you’re very busy, but lay in short-cuts for busy times, such as cleansing wipes to clean both skin and brushes, and drinking enough water – then all you have to do is enjoy the party! 

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