Today's post is all about those must have beauty essentials perfect for all of those upcoming festivals. With the sun out and our shorts on it's only a matter of time before festival season is here so why not start getting your beauty essentials sorted. For any festival is super important to have a decent spf, even if you just here in the UK as your going to be outside all day and you need to make sure your getting enough protection from the sun. Your going to need some comfy shoes and your sunnies and maybe a hat too! 

I thought i'd share a few products that I love and think would be perfect some a summer festival. 
First up hair products! You need some dry shampoo first of all, I only really use the Batiste one which works really well for me and keeps those greasy roots at bay for a few days. Once you've dry shampoo'd your hair spritz some of this Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Spritz into your hair and scrunch it up for that tousled wave look. The spray leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean and stops your hair from looking dry and straw like. Another must have is a travel Tangle Teezer, your hair is going to start getting a little hard to manage after not washing it for a couple of days. A handy Compact size Tangle Teezer is such a great thing to bring along to any festival to tame those locks.

Some all rounders like Dr Paw Paw's original balm is a good staple to pack, you can use this for a number of different uses. You can use it as a lip balm, skin protector, for nails and cuticles, on dry skin such as on your heels, elbows or hands. It also has calming and healing properties perfect for sun burn, prickly heat or skin irritations. 

Kiehls Midnight recovery oil is another good product. It replenishes the skin with moisture which will work wonders overnight whilst you sleep to repair the damage caused from the sun.
It has soothing qualities and boosts radiance. 

I thought i'd include a few Carex goodies because sometimes festivals can be abit dirty and grim so I would bring along my own hand sanitiser, I love the smell of this Strawberry laces hand gel!  Incase the loo is out of soap or you just want to freshen your hands. I would also bring plenty of tissues and these wipes are handy for hands, face and body for a freshen up. 

You do so much walking and standing up at festivals so some Compeed would be handy to bring along too.  

Another handy thing to think about is sanitary products, such as pads and tampons. Your period can strike at any time so be prepared and chuck a few pads or tampons in your bag. Lil-lets have a huge range so there's something to suit every cycle.  

How cute is this handy travel size Garnier Micellar water, I've picked this up for Turkey but it would be a fab little size to bring along to a festival. When you've finished it you can just throw the mini bottle away or reuse it for something else. I think these little mini's are such a great idea. I got this in Savers for a pound!! 

I'm not off to any festivals yet that I know of, are you? Where are you going and whats your top beauty must have for a festival ? 

* this post contains pr samples, I have been honest and all views are my own.

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