I would consider myself to be a live my life kind of person, I believe that this is our life and we should live it to the full. I like to travel to places and experience things. If I have a week off work it's very rare that I would do absolutely nothing. I got to go to Orlando, Florida last year and that was very high on my bucket list. I'm so glad we went and although we couldn't really afford it, we made it happen because it's an experience and we knew we may not get the chance any time soon. It was amazing we had such a brilliant time. We also went to Dublin and to Ibiza last year and that's because I haven't managed to get onto a teacher training course so i'm working. Since we went to Ibiza we have got our own flat which is another thing that was on my Bucket list because I felt like i'd never be able to afford to move out and now I have and I love it! So i'm having to put other things on hold and we might not be able to afford any amazing trips like we did last year but its worth it.


  1. Personally I would love to travel, i'd love to visit the world and live in some amazing places. I want to see Australia, New Zealand, The Grand Canyon, New York, Las Vegas, Thailand, Paris and many more. This is my dream i'd love to drop everything, have absolutely no commitments and experience the world. 
  2. I want to get that dream job, I always wanted to be a teacher. I'm not sure if that's still my dream but I will do what I have to do to get there and get a job that I love. 
  3. I wouldn't be greedy but i'd love to be financially stable when i'm older so I could decide if I want to work, i'd love to just be able to spend everyday with Clint whether it's just at home or we could go out everyday and experience new things. 
  4. I have been to a festival before but I really want to go to another one, it would be amazing to go to one in a different country. 
  5. I really want to go Skiing, i've actually been looking for next year so that would be so so amazing, i'm slightly accident prone so i'd need to be very careful not to injure myself.
  6. Go Skydiving, i've always wanted to go skydiving. I might have to pop my name down and do it for charity - how amazing would that be! 
  7. Have a nice house, and a happy healthy family. 
I'm sure as I get older I will tick some of these off and i'll also add more to this list. It's really fun to think of things you want to do in your lifetime. I think most of my bucket list is realistic, I think it's wise to be realistic because chances are you won't get to be a millionaire before you die or sing on stage with Beyonce but it's also fun to add it too your list, anything can happen. 

Check out Hannah's story and what she has planned for 2016  and check out the Into The Blue infographic below which has some really good Bucket List ideas. Head over to their website for some really exciting experience days and you might find something to tick off your list. 

bucket list 2016 (1)
image: into the blue 

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