I'm one of 'those people' who always talk about winning the lottery and what i'd do if money wasn't an issue etc so I thought i'd share the main things i'd like to do. I went to Florida in America last year and it was amazing ! I loved Universal and the shopping outlets, it was the best holiday ever. We only visited Orlando, Florida and we drove down to Daytona Beach for the day and it was so relaxing just chilling out at the beach.

 I'd absolutely love to drive across America and travel to all of the different cities and states. I want to go shopping in New York and see the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, I want to go for coffee in Central Park and go back to Florida and go to Disney World, the next place I really want to visit in America is Las Vegas, I know this isn't really impossible because I wouldn't be able to get the time off work to travel across America and I couldn't afford too.

There's so so many places in the World that i'd love to visit, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, South America and many many more. I just wish there was a way I could go a visit all these places. It would be amazing if you could buy an experience day that got you out of work and was super affordable, and with it you could visit so many amazing places in the world and you got to see the wonders of the world.

If money was no object and you didn't have to worry about your commitments what would you do? where would you go ? Imagine that you could create your own experience day and the sky was the limit, what would you choose? Into The Blue have put together a competition and want to hear the best ideas you can come up with, head over to their website to enter 

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