Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range available now at Boots

I have to say i'm a huge Lee Stafford fan, I use the Bleach Blondes range as it's the best at keeping those brassy tones away! I have bleached the ends of my hair so I used to struggle to keep those brassy tones away but not since I started using the Bleach Blondes range, I love the whole bleach blondes collection, the Hot Shotz and correcting conditioning spray are must haves if you find those brassy tones make a come back! Anyway this review is about the Coco Loco range, you can check out my reviews of the Bleach Blondes range here

I found my hair had gone quite dry and damaged, I knew I needed to get some hydration into my hair. The Coco Loco range by Lee Stafford contains Coconut Oil which is a natural nutrient and provides the essential proteins for nourishing and repairing damaged hair. So i've been giving the range a try and I have to say my hair is feeling so so much better. 

I love the Shampoo and Conditioner they are so easy to use and smell amazing! I absolutely love Coconut scented products. My hair feels really lovely and clean when I use the shampoo, I tend to rinse and repeat with the shampoo to make sure I get all the dry shampoo and other products out my hair. Then I follow with the conditioner which is really lovely and hydrating.

The Coconut mask is lovely, I like to jump into a hot lush bath with candles and wack a load of this on my hair and just lie there for ages letting the mask get to work on my hair. I only really put it on my ends as this is where my hair is dry and damaged. My hair always feels really soft and shiny after i've used the mask. 

The Coconut Spritz is a nice product to use, you can apply it onto towel dried hair to condition and detangle hair which I think works really well. It makes my hair shiny and and smooth and stops it drying so frizzy. You can also spritz this into the hair throughout the day to refresh your hair. 

The Blow and Go genius lotion improves your hair in every way possible, your hair will be softer, shinier, sleeker, smoother, stronger and conditioned. You just apply to towel dried hair and style as normal. It makes your hair so much easier to style and locks in that moisture so your hair looks smoother and stronger for longer. 

Finally the Coconut Balm, this is just like Coconut Oil, it's a solid product that melts in your hand and you can apply it to the ends of your hair to keep your hair protected and smooth. 

The whole range is amazing, if your hair is feeling dull and damaged you need to get your hands on some of these products. Selected Lee Stafford products are on 2 for £10 right now at Boots so take advantage of an amazing offer and give the range ago! They are really afforable products and leave your hair feeling like you've been to the salon. 

*this post contains pr samples


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