So myself and Clint have been looking at apartments to rent, we've been together for two years and he basically lives at my house with me and my parents. I'm not too sure what my next career decision is going to be but because I want to go back to university and finish my teacher training i'm not really in a situation where I can be sure what money i'm going to be picking up. 

I have however been looking at lots of apartments and houses and obviously looking at furniture as this would be our first home and would need to buy everything. I love this bed from Ikea, I've had my eye on it for awhile, I really want a white bed frame, my current bed is a brown leather frame which i'm not very keen on. My bed is quite uncomfortable aswell, so I think i'd need to invest in a new mattress aswell, i've spotted a few decent ones on Mattress Next Day, including this Silent Night one which is only £139.99 for a double which I think is really reasonable, I always thought Mattresses were really expensive. I always get my bedding from Ikea and Asda, but h&m have some really lovely things right now aswell. I love these cushions from h&m, I have so many cushions so I doubt I need anymore but I love this cat one in particular. I really want a new desk for blogging aswell, in my house right now we have a spare room so i've been thinking about clearing it out and making an office for myself. I could then bring the desk to our new place if we had room for an office or I could use it as my dressing table as my current one is getting abit old. 

*this post is sponsored by Mattress Next Day. 

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Sam said...

I love looking at homeware stuff! How exciting that you'll be moving into your own place! I can't wait until I can finally move out and decorate my whole place (rather than just my uni room). The desk is so so nice, so simple and the cat cushion is super cute!

Sam xx