I would consider myself quite a techy person, I always have the latest phone and I like to have a decent laptop and tablet. I recently went from an Apple macbook air laptop to an Asus notebook, my mac was always full up and the hinges on the screen were broke, I couldn't afford another mac so went for the Asus but I love it i'm so glad I got it and I love using windows 8 and i've just upgraded to windows 10. So when I was given the opportunity to review a Nokia Lumia phone I jumped at the chance. I know the home screen is very similar to my laptop so I knew i'd be able to get used to using it however i've had an Iphone for as long as I can remember so using something other than an Iphone was going to be weird.

First of all the phone itself is gorgeous, I love the orange colour I was sent but it comes in a great selection of colours. The phone feels really sleek and smooth, its lovely to hold - just the right size. You can see it's a similar size to my iphone 6.

I found the phone easy to use and to navigate myself around the phone, the Nokia Lumia uses a different app store to apple but I found it easy to find all of my apps and download them onto the phone. I managed to link up my emails and my social media really easily. The Lumia phone itself had some pretty impressive apps including the Lumia Selfie app which enables you to take amazing selfies with the 5mp front facing camera. I took some really lovely photos using the main 6.7mp camera. I have shared some of these photos on instagram using the hashtag #amypytlumia 
Theres also an impressive 8gb storage which is plenty for all of your apps and the amazing photos you can take with this amazing camera and you can also add a 128gb memory card for even more space. 

The battery life is impressive, it seemed to last longer than my iphone 6 would. it lasted all day and seemed to charge up quickly aswell. The battery in the Lumia is replaceable aswell meaning you could buy a spare. I know bloggers sometimes need to do this as we are always on our phones, this is a problem with iphones as you always have to carry your charger around or get yourself a portable charger for when your battery dies. 

 As I said above I found the phone really easy to use, everything you need is on the main screen and then theres another screen which is all the apps and programmes on the phone. Its really easy to find everything. I love the interactive screen and I love how personal this phone can be. You can link the phone to your social media accounts and so you can link up your contacts making texting, emails and calling really easy and personal. I found my facebook pictures would change on the homescreen which was cool and also the photos icon would change aswell meaning the homescreen always appeared different. The tiles are really good and keep the homescreen looking clean and organised. 

Also it was alot of fun getting to use Cortana, it's so much better than siri! I had linked up my calendar on the phone and cortana was able to tell me when I had work. She seemed to understand my brummy accent alot more than siri aswell which made using the feature alot more enjoyable. I'd imagine this feature would be something I'd use all the time to keep me organised. 

I've only had this phone for two weeks and i'm sure there's alot more features that I didn't manage to come across. I really enjoyed using the Lumia and I would consider getting one when I next upgrade. I've found I always stick to Iphone but there's some really great features on the Nokia Lumia, I love how personal the phone is and think this is the main thing I love about the Lumia also the amazing camera which is perfect for taking selfies and instagram photos. 

You can find out about all of the Nokia Lumia 735 here and it's avaliable on pay as you go and pay monthly.

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