I can't believe it's been a year since I finished my degree, I graduated in November with a 2:1 with honours in Fine Art from Coventry University. I always knew I wanted to go to university and i'm so glad I did it. It was hard and I had my highs and lows but it was worth it. My first and Second year were pretty chilled, I went to my lectures and always got my work done on time, I got to go to Paris in my first year which was amazing! I split up with my ex boyfriend Dan in the summer before Third year so and me and Clint got together just before I started my third year so I really didn't want to go back, we were having such fun over the summer and I knew third year was going to be intense. It was so hard but I did it, with some help from Clint and the staff at my university. I got my work done and got my exhibition up. I was so glad when it was all over though! As an art student my work changed so much over the three years I loved seeing how it changed and how my ideas got better and how I knew what I needed to do to improve. My ideas were a bit too big and I really struggled to make my ideas a reality which was a really hard for me. Throughout university I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher and knew that I needed to get some experience in schools before applying for the PGCE. As I mentioned above I really struggled to get the right balance in third year and didn't get as much experience in schools as i'd hoped. I still applied for the PGCE but was unsuccessful, I applied though clearing as well but still didn't manage to get on the course. In the end I decided to just concentrate on doing everything I could to get the grade I needed for the course. I got my 2:1 which is the qualification I need for the PGCE, I've taken this year out and my intention was to get loads of experience in schools and apply again for the PCGE this September. I haven't managed to do this, I got a new job and started working a lot of hours, I've enjoyed working full time but now I just want to go back and do my PGCE and hopefully become an art teacher. I intend on using this year to gain as much experience as I can and then next September I will hopefully enroll on the PGCE. It just goes to show that things change, Wilson Leech from the University of Greenwich mentions in this video that its good to gain as much experience as you can so you know what your walking into when you finish university and being as prepared as you can be. I wish I would have got my experience in schools sorted in my first and second year and then I could have just concentrated on my dissertation and exhibition in third year and then would have had the experience necessary for the PGCE. I do feel that I've grown and that working full time has given me knowledge and allowed me to grow up a little, I'm glad i've had a year out but now I feel like i'm ready to be a teacher whereas when I left university I really don't think I was ready.  Check out this video below from Wilson Leech head of Northern Trust EMEA mentoring at Greenwhich and remember there's always people at your university and on your course that you should talk to, the staff at my university really helped me with my application for the PGCE and I regret not using their services more.

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