Origins Mask Marvels - £20 from Boots 

Origins is such a great brand, they are one of those brands that I just seem to love everything i've tried. So just before Christmas this Origins gift set was avaliable in boots and it was such a great price! Clint actually bought it for me for Christmas. Its still avaliable on the Boots website for just £20. 
The sizes are a little bit smaller than the Full Size bottles these are 75ml instead of 100ml but at just £20 for three bottles its a bargain.

Clear improvement mask- This is a charcoal mask, designed to clear pores. The Charcoal dries quite quickly on the skin, and when you rinse your skin actually feels clean and clearer. I open my pores using a hot towel and then layer up the product. I use this once a week or every couple of weeks, when I need to clear my pores. 

Out of Trouble 10 minute rescue- Great for oily skin like mine. Just layer it on and wash off after 10 minutes its so easy to use. I think it combats my oilier areas and clears dead skin and dirt aswell. Such a great all round product. 

Drink up Intensive mask - This is an overnight mask, i love it! It smells amazing and it hydrates the skin. Throughout the day your skin looses moisture so this quenches your skins thirst throughout the night. Keeps skin looking smoother and younger. 

As I said this set is such a great value for money, especially for someone who wants to try out some Origins products.  

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