I recently got back from America, it's gone so fast! Whilst I was there I did some serious shopping most of which was in Sephora, we don't have a Sephora here in the UK so there was some must have products that I wanted to pick up one of which was Anastasia dipbrow pomade. I now know you can also get on Cult Beauty and they deliver to the UK which is great. Sephora do ship to the UK but I think theres a minimum spend.

Dipbrow Pomade is one of those blogger must haves that everyone seems to rave about but then you read some mehh reviews about. I had heard mixed reviews so I wasn't sure about buying it however I went rather CRAZY whilst in the US and just bought everything on my list haha. 

Dipbrow Pomade is a brow product, It's kind of like a wax. You apply it to your brows for that filled in effect. I use the Ecotools brush to apply it, the brush is from one of the Starter sets, I'm pretty sure its an angled liner brush however its perfect for brow products. You literally need a tidy bit of product, a little goes a long way! I tend to start mid brow because you don't want loads of product at the start of your brow, I then pull the product along the brow to create my arch and then fill in the start of the brow so its not really filled in as much.

It's seriously so so easy to use! I have been using Anastasia Brow Wiz aswell, so I start with Brow Wiz to draw the lines I want to stay within, this creates that neat line under the brow and then use dipbrow to fill. 

I have to say I love both products and I will repurchase! I know there's similar products that are easier to get hold of but now i've found Cult Beauty stock them I know I will be buying both products again. 

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Unknown said...

I love Dip Brow! You're so right though, you need such a tiny amount , I found it really easy to go overboard when I first got it!