I'm sure you've all heard about the latest brushes from Real Techniques, the Bold Metals Collection.
I've been using them for a little while now and thought i'd share my thoughts with you. 

I have the Real Techniques Tapered Blush which is the gold one in the photos. I've been using this brush for my base. You could use this brush for so many different things. 

The brush would work really well with powder or cream blushers. I've actually been using the brush to pat in my concealer. I find the brush works really well at buffing and blending my concealer into the rest of my base. 

I think the brush would be a great tool for someone who struggles with contouring as you get alot of control with the brush and you'd be able to buff in your product easily to get the desired look.

The bristles are synthetic and feel so soft, they are really nice and don't irritate my skin, sometimes bristles are too harsh on my skin and irritate me. The brush is easy to hold and easy to use. 

The only thing I don't like about the brush is the price, it retails at £24* I wouldn't personally pay this much for a brush. I use a range of Real Technique brushes and EcoTools and wouldn't pay £24 for one brush. 

The other brush i've been using is this Pointed Crease brush for the eyes, i've been using this brush to apply eyeshadow to the crease of my eyelid and to blend in eyeshadow for a smokey eye effect. 
Again it's so easy to use and makes creating a smokey eye so easy, it's £12* for the brush. 

I know this collection is more of a luxurious collection which is why the brushes are more expensive than their previous collections however I don't think there's much difference, i'd rather pay £22 for the eye starter set than just one brush alone. Both brushes are really good quality and are so easy to use, if you normally spend alot of money on your brushes i'd say maybe give these ago because they are really good however if your on a budget like myself just stick to the original Real Techniques. 

*I was sent these brushes for my consideration, I have decided to review them on my blog. I have been offered no compensation for this review and anything i've said above are my own opinions and truthful.

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Joanna. said...

I was really intrigued by the pointed crease brush although I was toying with Zoeva after looking at both brands. If these are similar to the other Real Techniques brushes, Zoeva here I come!