So incase I haven't mentioned it enough haha i'm going to Florida in a few days! I've started packing because i've got work pretty much every day until we go. I've picked out my outfits, i've tried not to pack too much because I want to buy a few things whilst i'm in the US.
I thought i'd show you a few of my holiday essentials. Most of the clothing/ accessories are from Primark as I didn't wanna spend loads on new things.

First up my Bikinis, normally i don't care about my bikinis I tend to pick up cheap ones in primark but since finding out I was wearing the wrong bra size I decided to get a couple of decent bikini's that actually fit and support me. Were going to be visiting the waterparks in florida so that support is going to be really important. First up I picked this blue plunge style from Cleo by Panache, its gorgeous!  I love the colour and it looks great on! I also picked out the watermelon bikini by Freya. I think this is such a cute holiday pattern!

I love these sliders from Primark, they look so comfy. I like the shimmery gold/ silver effect and they were only £4! I also picked up the black sandals from primark. They are just a nice classy pair of sandals that I'll be able to wear with any outfit, making them a really good pair of shoes to bring along.

I picked up a few pairs of shorts from Primark, including this blue and white patterned pair. I normally wear alot of skirts and dresses on holiday but because were going to the theme parks I think i'm gonna need shorts so i'm comfy on the rides and not flashing anyone.

I love stripes and when I was taking photos for this post I noticed theres so many stripes in my case. I love this stripe toiletries bag from Primark it was such a great buy! I have a few stripey tops that I will be able to wear on the days and the nights and of course a pair of £1 flip flops from primark

I've got the 50+ suncream packed so heres a couple of products i'm taking along. I'm going to bring along my Lee Stafford Beach Blondes* shampoo and conditioner to stop those brassy tones coming though whilst i'm away. I find the sun tends to lighten my hair and turn it slightly yellow. I've packed my Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray, to reduce redness and to reduce pores and oil. I picked up this Dr Organic Aloe Gel from Holland and Barrett aswell, I usually just pick up a cheap After Sun but I really want to keep my skin hydrated and this Aloe Gel should cool the skin down after a long day in the sun.


Lolakate said...

so much love for the watermelon bikini. After working there a few years back I get so jealous every time someone goes to DW...I am yet to persuade my bf to go!! x

Rebecca said...

Have an amazing time! The watermelon bikini is amazing!

Rebecca Coco