I'm such a huge fan of Charmed Ivy and their jewellery! I really wanted a few new necklaces so I placed a cheeky order. I went for the Bohemian coin necklace which is so gorgeous, it's really easy to wear. It dresses up a plain tshirt and is a lovely size. I also picked out the moonlit galaxy necklace which is really lovely, the chain is a nice length and the blue galaxy print charm and the silver moon charm work really well together, and for £3.50 is a bargain. The gold dipped amethyst necklace is so nice, again the chain is a lovely length and quality. The amethyst stone is such a great colour and again really good quality. The healing crystal pendant is a shorter chain but again a lovely quality, It's a lovely dainty piece and has a festival/ boho likeness to it. I also bought the chevron midi ring which is so pretty, its such a lovely ring and again for only £3 its such a bargain.

Have you shopped with Charmed Ivy before, what are you favourite products ?

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