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Right now New Look have a gorgeous selection of prom dresses to choose from. I really struggled to find a prom dress and ended up trying loads on. I wanted my dress to be perfect, I had an idea of what I wanted but I just couldn't find it. 
New Look have a huge range and they have many different styles, shapes and colours to choose from. I thought i'd pick out a few styles and some accessories to match. First I picked the long turquoise strapless style. This is a gorgeous prom style and is such a lovely spring/summer shade. The embellishment is really nice on the trim and the waist is really flattering. 
Next I picked a shorter style, this is more of a skater dress. The lace detailing makes the dress elegant and smart. This would be so easy to get accessories for, I'd pick a colour to brighten the outfit, I love the red/ orange sandals I picked out. They would brighten the dress up. 
Next I picked this long black dress, again a more elegant style. Lots of people like to wear maxi dresses because they are comfy, This one has a split in the leg to make it more luxe. Again you could add colour to this outfit or maybe try silver accessories to dress it up. 
Finally another shorter more casual style. You could dress this up with accessories or if your after a more subtle prom dress this would be perfect and you could wear it again. I love the Jacquard style I think it's really flattering. 

Accessories are so important for a prom, a clutch bag is the perfect prom bag, big enough for your lipstick and your phone so you can take loads of selfies. Jewerllery is another great way to dress up your outfit, I went for simple silver jewellery as I had alot of embellishments on my dress. 

My prom was amazing and i'd say to anyone who isn't sure about going that its such an amazing experience. We went all out for our prom, I had a big circle of friends so we hired a limo and all got really big prom dresses. We met up at school and took loads of photos together. It was so lovely, when we got to the venue we had more photos outside and then went inside. Everyone was dancing and it was just so much fun. You all go your separate ways after prom and it's such a great night to say goodbye to friends and to have a good time. Exams are over you can just party! We had such a great night dancing to old cheesy songs but it was brilliant and I wouldn't change a thing. 

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