So everyone seems to be going crazy over the Kylie Jenner Nude Lip, Sales of Mac's Velvet Teddy have gone through the roof! I'm really not a huge fan of matte lips so I went in search of some nude lip products to have a play with. I wanted to find some affordable products so I headed to boots. 

I picked up the Loreal Paris Infaillable Lip Liner in 708 Always Toasted, Loreal Paris 630 Beige A Nu Color Riche lipstick and Rimmel London 077 Asia lipstick. As you can see from my swatched below these are nice nudes shades with a slight pink colour to them. 

The Rimmel London formula is really nice and has a slight matte finish, as I said I don't really like matte formulas because I find them drying on my lips. The rimmel one is really nice your lips feel hydrated and moisturised but the finish isn't glossy, its just got a slight hydrated finish rather than completly matte and dry. The colour is a nude with a slight pink/brown colour to it which is really nice and it works well with the lip liner that I picked up.

The Loreal Paris Color Riche is a really similar shade, it has abit more peach undertone to it. Again it leaves the appearance of a matte lip product but is actually quite moisturising on the lips and isn't drying. It's less matte than the Rimmel forumla but its such a lovely lipstick 

The Loreal Paris lip liner is really easy to use, I think next time i'd rather buy a pencil rather than a twist up mechanical style pencil. I snapped it a couple of times so ended up wasting loads of product and I'd like to be able to sharpen the pencil for a more defined and precise line. It's easy to use and long lasting, the colour is really versatile and you'd be able to use it with loads of lipsticks. 

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