So I like my readers to know what's going on with me and my real life as this does tend to interfere with my blogging patterns. I tend to blog when and where I can, right now i'm working loads so i've been bringing my laptop into work and getting some extra blogging done there.

I have been working two jobs for a few weeks as Clint and I have just booked another holiday, I know we only just got back from Tenerife but I really felt like a week away. I had booked a week off for my birthday so we took this as a perfect opportunity.

I have a job in retail which is fab and I also work in a restaurant which isn't that great but it's flexible and I get payed fortnightly so it's handy that way.

I've also been doing some voluntary work getting classroom experience. I want to be an art teacher so i've helping out at some art classes for kids over the summer. It's been a fab experience but obviously its also taking up some of my spare time. I've been trying to keep up with the blog by writing product reviews as I think these are really relevant to my blog. I want to do more outfit posts but need time to take photos etc so hopefully I will get some up after my holiday.

I want to do some more lifestyle type posts like food reviews etc so hopefully the next couple of weeks won't be so hectic!

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Abbigayle @ Her Luxe Travels said...

I know how u feel juggling blogging and real life can be daunting but it's really just about scheduling and organsing or it just gets stressful lol
But I'll look forward to your posts hun xx