Suitcase Glory Blogger Competition

Suitcases - £129 each - Suitcase Glory 

Suitcase Glory is a new company who have designed these amazing suitcases! I have a very boring suitcase and i'm sure most of you do aswell! Well not anymore, the lovely people at Suitcase glory have created these lovely unique suitcases so we no longer have to lug a boring unfashionable piece of luggage around with us. 

It's not only the pretty colours and patterns that make these suitcases so desirable ! They are also only 3.45kg meaning you can bring more clothes on holiday and no stressing about your luggage allowance. Also 4 wheels meaning it won't fall over, (once you've had a four wheel suitcase you can't go back) It's also a very tough polycarbonate material and has an internal lock. Suitcase Glory have actually thought of everything! You also get a 12 month guarantee!

The range is out in September and avaliable to pre-order now !

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