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I've recently came across this really fun post by My Voucher Codes and I thought id would be great to share on the blog. I'm going on holiday again in September and I must say that 'the beach body' is something I worry about. I don't consider myself to have a beach body however i'm not afraid to get it out on holiday as I do love a tan. I have enjoyed looking at what celebrities bodies people want and would consider an ideal beach body. I have to agree with Kelly Brook for boobs as her boobs do look great and I have alot of Kelly Brook Lingerie. I love Cheryl's smile and Keira Knightly's Brows/ eyes! For the guy I think David Beckham and Tom Hardy are very good choices, however i'm not really feeling the rest, i'd like to see some Robert Pattinson or Mark Walhberg in there! What celebrities would you pick to create that perfect beach body?

Online voucher code website polled UK men and women on what parts would make up their ideal beach body, if they could choose from any British celebrity. It’s probably no surprise that David Beckham and the Duchess of Cambridge featured along with popular sports stars and reality TV stars.
Interested to see what consumers would like from their ideal beach body, an online voucher code website polled users to find out which celeb body parts made up their ideal beach body, with some surprising results leading to hot bodies rather than Frankenstein’s monster types.
For the summer, polled an equal mix of men and women to find out what they would like, if we could have any celeb beach body. Choosing from top British celebs, respondents picked their favourite body parts to make up the ultimate celeb beach body.
For men, sport stars and movie stars were the popular choices and we presume the young boy band member was thrown in there to get the younger ladies. The ladies opted for some Royal blood and one of Britain’s ‘Sweethearts’ along with some sporting prowess, model good looks and reality TV beauty.

So what ideal beach body would most men like to have and which do women long after? The results are below:
Hair: Harry Styles – 37%
Face: David Beckham – 42%
Beard: Tom Hardy – 27%
Torso: Scott Timlin (Geordie Shore) – 31%
Arms: Jack Wilshere – 38%
Legs:  Frank Lampard – 35%

Face Shape: Keep as Myleene Klass – 27%
Eyes & Brows: Keira Knightley – 29%
Smile & Dimples: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – 31%
Hair: Holly Willoughby – 45%
Stomach: Towie’s Lucy Mecklenburgh – 36%
Boobs: Kelly Brook – 39%
Legs: Kate Middleton – 41%
Arms: Jessica Ennis – 36%

Mark Pearson from My Voucher Codes said: “It’s interesting to see what each sex would choose for their ideal beach body. For many people, summer can be dreaded when it comes to going to the beach and getting in a bikini/swimming costume or shorts. If only we could sculpt our body’s after our favourite celebrities.
I’m sure we would see different results if it was chosen for the opposite sex. However it seems the pecks and big boobs are favoured by both sexes and men and women seem to put equal importance of long luscious hair!”

There's more over on the Daily Mail website including videos and more funny photos

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Unknown said...

I always find these funny, to get Jessica Ennis' arms you'd likely end up with a different shaped body anyway. Can't say I'd complain about being as fit as JE though :)

x Claire