Dermalex skin treatment for Rosacea - £18.99* 

Rosacea is a skin condition that commonly effects the face. Its common in middle aged men and women but women are more likely to be affected. Rosacea is a condition where the blood vessels in the face become more visible. Symptoms begin with flushing or red spots that can turn into persistent redness, you can see more common symptoms listed here on the Rosacea Uncovered site.

I don't have visible blood vessels on my face however some of my family members suffer from Rosacea and I would like to prevent this from happening to me. There are many different factors that can cause Rosacea and worsen symptons like eating spicy food, drinking alcohol and stress.

I have been using Dermalex skin treatment for Rosacea for a couple of weeks and i've noticed my skins looking clearer, I do suffer from redness and blemishes to my skin. I also have alot of breakouts. Dermalex for Rosacea restores the skins barrier and protects and smoothes skin.

It's a great product, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and cool which is great when your skin is feeling red or sometimes symptons can include burning. Theres no perfume in the formula and it's clinically tested so its great for most skintypes. It dries and absorbs quickly and isn't greasy on the skin so it's great for my oily/ combination skin. 

You can buy Dermalex skin treatment for Rosacea from or Lloyds pharmacy 

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