So I know a pillowcase isn't the most difficult thing to make but I needed an excuse to use my new mini sewing machine that I was kindly sent by Hobbycraft. I'm gonna give you guys a few little tips about how to make a pillow case :) 

First of all you will need some material, a pillow and your sewing machine, I would recommend getting some pins aswell. I didn't use any but I think it would be easier and neater. 

Make sure your material is going to fit around your pillow in case it's too small. I used an old skirt that I haven't wore for ages. Then turning your material inside out and pinning the edges will give you an idea of where you need to sew. 

If you don't have a clue how to thread your machine then i'd recommend watching a video on youtube because it made it seem abit easier. 

I sewed up the two edges leaving a small gap to fit my pillow inside, before you pop your pillow in your case make sure you have turned the material back the right way. Then sew up the small hole. You need to be careful here to not make a mess as you may be able to see the thread here. 

Tah Dah you should have a pillow case. If you wanted to fix a zip to your pillow case to make it easier to wash you would do the same as above however just fix your zip to the material. 
I used an old skirt but you can use any material you like, I love that my skirt had a pocket so now my pillow case has a handy pocket.

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