Sunday Update #7 My day at the vintage fair

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 skirt: Gray Daisy Shoes: Aldo Shorts: levi's Moustache necklace : All from sutton vintage fair.

I went to sutton vintage and arts fair today. Heres some bits I picked up. I heard about the event a few weeks ago and I knew I had to go! and i'm so glad I did. As we walked in I was OMG its so big and hot! We had a look around but it was so much to take it, there was loads of people and so much stuff to look through. So I had a walk around and didn't pick anything up as some stalls were selling similar things and I thought i'd see what stalls had the best prices. 

I bought the Moustache necklace first, it was £3 from a stall that was selling loads of cute bits. They had some t-shirts that were handmade with little DIY pockets. 

After that dan went to have a little sit down and I had a proper look at the stalls and came back with these beautiful ALDO shoes.  I don't actually own any Aldo shoes but these are gorgeous. They were on the floor under a rack of scarves, I tried them on immediately as they looked about my size, the lady said £10 and I don't think i've ever payed for something so quickly hehe. I LOVE THEM! 

The skirt is a really cute floral pattern, the little flowers have little bits of pink. Its got a lovely elasticated waist and its pleated. Gray Daisy actually have a website where they sell reworked pieces so check that out. The skirt was £10

The bargain of the day has to be my paint splatted Levi's. They are a lovely fit, The paint splatters are unusual i've not seen that before. I'm so tempted to get my studs out and start studding them but i'm not sure yet! I just love these shortts and guess how much ???? £5!! BARGAIN!!! 

what do you think of my purchases?
have you ever been to a vintage fair?

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