REVIEW: ELF Cream blush in flirt

Again another 50% off ELF product, I do love elf products because they are such good quality products and so so cheap. This cream blush is £6.50 which is the same price as the topshop ones, I got it for £3.25 when the 50% off deal was on so I had to buy it and I'm hear to rave about it! 

when I posted a few snaps of what I bought in the 50% sale alot of people were interested in this cream blush. This is actually the first cream blush i've used as I tend to stick to powder blush. 

The packaging is the usual ELF style sleek black matte packaging, you get alot of product in this which is why i image its £6.50 you only need a tiny bit of product, in the picture above i've used about a pea size amount and this is the effect you get. It rubs in really well and its such a lovely pink which is the colour blush i tend to go for. 

I really like how it applies and I think its a really good value for money as it's a similar price to many drug store branded blush's. 

The quality of the blush is really good and its a product I would defiantly recommend :)  


Helen said...

I'm a powder blush girl too! Will try this on your recommendation though!

Helen xxx

Beth said...

OO i love the colour - never tried any elf blushes - may have to give this colour a whirl xx