Upgrading your lifestyle is a very subjective thing for some; it will mean moving to a luxurious apartment like those from Meriton; for others, it will mean having extra free time or a more enjoyable job. 

What luxury is will vary from person to person. What does matter, however, is that it makes sense to you. Success is one of the things that can give us a sense of self to improve our confidence and self-esteem. 

However, just like a luxury, success is a relative term. Most people equate success to earnings. But true success can be getting extra hours each day to do hobbies that you love. 

Yet, when it comes to upgrading your lifestyle, almost everyone will benefit from some tried and true things. 

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You don't need to head to the tourist-packed expensive cities. Instead, you can make your cash go further in cheaper places. 

There is no doubt that travel broadens your horizons. It gives you a glimpse into a world you are not part of and into cultures that make up our diverse world. 

Keep in mind that Michelin Star restaurants like Liao Fan Hawker Chan in Singapore sell food for about $2.20. 

The experience of eating it is luxurious, and the price? Less than a bottle of water in many places. 

More stuff 

Great marketing tells us that we need more stuff to be comfortable and seen as successful. In truth, though, you probably don't need too much 'stuff' to be happy. How you spend your money does make a difference. 

If you are focused on having a lot of cheaper items, you are missing out on the bigger ticket items. This is known as lifestyle inflation. 

If what you are surrounded by doesn't reflect who you want to be or who you are, it is time to declutter and strip it back to what you truly love. 


True luxury is comfort - bedding, sofas, and clothing are some of the ways that make us comfortable. Sleep and rest are something that many of us take for granted instead of high-quality sleep, and rest should be a priority in your bid to have a more upgraded lifestyle. 

Nothing is so good as looking rested or relaxing into luxuriously soft bedding each evening. Upgrading your pillow to breathable memory foam can mean you have a more comfortable night's sleep. 

Silk pillowcases offer a great way to reduce hair breakage, knots, and even wrinkles - so they are certainly worth the investment. 

If you need some serious snooze time, check out this post: LIFESTYLE: GETTING A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP - PRETTY YOUNG THING

Block free time

In a constantly busy world and demanding a lot of time from us, it can be more important than ever to make sure that you have free time blocked out. Protect your free time and use it to do things you love - completely uninterrupted. 


Spend some time wandering around art galleries and museums. Attend talks on your favorite subjects, and indulge in books on the topic. Use free nights, reduced ticket prices, and anything else that can reduce the cost but keep the price the same. 

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