With spring on the way, we’re all looking forward to warmer weather and the return of sunshine after months of storms and cold weather. But that doesn’t mean we should be compromising on cosy. With hygge, you can transform how your bedroom feels, turning it from harsh and clinical, to soft, welcoming and homely. 

Use Layered Bedding

Layering up your bedding is a good way to add to the consciousness factor. The more pillows, sheets and throws you can pile on, the more serene and welcoming it’ll feel. 

When you buy divan beds online, you’ll often see that the seller dresses them up with throws and cushions. Simply copying this can be a great way to make your bedroom feel cosier. 

Add Greenery And Plants

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Many of us are afraid to bring plants into the bedroom, but as a design tool, they really work. Not only do they create a more soothing and calming aesthetic, but they also clean the air. 

Try placing plants on the shelving above your bed so that you can see them whenever you get into the sack. If you have a large bedroom, put a money plant in the corner, by the window. (If you don’t have a window, you can purchase an LED that mimics natural sunlight). 

Add Several Rugs To The Floor

Hard bedroom floors are anti-hygge, so never permit them. Instead, add one or two rugs to the floor. Place a large one under the bed which extends out on all sides, and then put a smaller faux-fur one on top of it to add extra cosiness and cushioning for your feet. 

Surround Yourself With Keepsakes

If you can’t keep precious belongings close to you in your bedroom, then where can you? 

When creating your bedroom, make the space completely yours by adding items that are special to you. Make sure that each one has a story to tell and helps you feel comforted after a long day. 

Remove Clutter

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While hygge bedrooms permit a little clutter, you don’t want to go overboard. Too much will make the room feel too busy and out of control. 

To calm clutter, make use of shelving, chests at the end of the bed, and drawers built into the bedframe. If necessary, buy a large bedside table to store all your belongings. 

Add Natural Wood

Natural wood elements are part and parcel of hygge bedrooms. They remind you of the beauty and calming effects of nature.  

You can add natural wood accents to your rooms in many ways. For instance, some people like to add uncarved tree stumps as bedside tales. You might also want to lean a wooden ladder up against the wall for hanging your clothes and hats, or place a bench in the corner. The more wood elements you include, the more your bedroom will feel like a log cabin. 

Pick Neutral Colours

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Lastly, hygge bedrooms work best in neutral colours. These tend to be more soothing and put you at ease immediately. They don’t ask anything of you.

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