LIFESTYLE: 3 Minimalist Tips for Downsizing Your Life



We live in a materialistic world, where possessions are valued above all other things. Advertising and social media makes us feel like we need to wear the latest fashion trends, drive fast cars, and queue up for hours to own the new iPhone. But all these things are just that: things.

These items don’t make us happy, and they certainly don’t improve our lives in any meaningful way. In fact, by squandering our hard earned money on these ephemeral luxuries, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Surely it is better to put one’s money towards more valuable goals such as travel and investing in our children’s future.

For these reasons, more and more people are deciding to adopt the practice of minimalism. Minimalism is not, as many people believe, about throwing things away and leaving a stark existence with no possessions. It is instead about valuing what is important, and cutting out things that are not. It tells us to value experiences, memories, health, and relationships above all else and pay less attention to materialistic concerns. Minimalism promotes the benefits of downsizing your life and existing in a simple way. Freeing yourself of an attachment to material goods is shown to boost your mental health, enhance your quality of life, reduce your environmental impact, and improve your financial security.

If you would like to realize these benefits, here are some tips to help you downsize your life.

Audit your home

The first step to downsizing your lifestyle is to conduct a full audit of your home. Most people tend to accumulate a lifetime of belongings which take up space without providing any practical or sentimental purpose. By clearing out your home you will have much more space in which to live, and will feel less bogged down by your possessions. Systematically go through each room of your house one at a time and work out what you want to keep and what you can discard. Be strict with yourself. No one is saying you need to bin everything but it’s good to take a tip from world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo and ask yourself if each item “sparks joy.” If the answer is no, then there’s no reason to hang on to it. And don’t feel you have to throw everything away. You can also donate things to charity, sell them, or even keep them in storage units to free up some room.

Adopt good habits

Once you have audited your belongings, it is easy to fall back into your old ways. Make sure you adopt good minimalist habits, such as keeping surfaces and floor spaces clean, and thinking carefully about every new item you bring into your home.

Assess your priorities

Downsizing your life is not just about tidying up. It is about changing your habits and pursuing the things that really matter to you. Assess your priorities and ask yourself what you want from your existence. This introspection will help you realize that the most important aspects of life are things like family, experiences, travel, romance, personal achievements, and memories. When reflecting on your life from your deathbed, these are the things you will look back on.

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