LIFESTYLE: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Car More Sustainable

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Climate change is a major topic these days, and whether you believe it or not, you can always do more to care for the environment. Road vehicles account for 30% of global carbon emissions, so clearly, something needs to be done. You cannot change much alone, but you can play your part and make your car more sustainable with some easy changes.

Use Biofuels

Organic materials and biological matter can make biofuels. You can use biofuel in diesel vehicles (biodiesel) for your business or home car (bioethanol). Both are much less polluting than standard fuels. However, many manufacturers are yet to embrace biofuels as a viable alternative, adding to the problem. But if your car can run on biofuel, the great news is that most service stations offer them. Also, you can purchase biofuel from companies like FuelBox (see their website), which you can store at home or in your vehicle.

Drive Properly

The arguments over fuel consumption are ongoing. For every person who says driving too fast uses more fuel, another says the opposite. However, there are some things you can do to reduce how much fuel you use and, therefore, drive more sustainably:

  • Don't drive for short trips

  • Close windows when driving fast

  • Don't overload your car

  • Drive smooth and steady

  • Don't drive like you are on the track

Consider how you are driving and keep in mind how it relates to your fuel consumption. Careful acceleration and braking are excellent for efficient driving. And if you don't really need to use the car, leave it at home. Instead, walk or use public transport if it's a short trip or a nice day. With the price of fuel these days, you can save some money as well.

Switch to Electric or Hybrid

An obvious choice for drastically reducing your carbon footprint is switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Many car manufacturers have been reluctant to offer electric models. However, with government mandates and carbon targets set for the near future, alternatives are slowly but surely coming to market. The Toyota Prius is among the most popular hybrids, which uses an electric engine when you drive under 20 mph. But they still use petrol most of the time. Popular companies like Nissan, Volkswagen and Ford offer a range of full EVs.

Buy Pre-Owned Tread

Your tires connect your car to the ground, and they grip the road as you drive. Your vehicle will lose grip if the tread isn't deep enough. Your vehicle will also become very unstable when it's wet if your tyre tread isn't adequate. If your tire tread is becoming dangerously low, you will naturally think of buying new tires. But there are plenty of used tyres that are still good enough to use. In addition, buying used rubber helps with the environment since the materials they are made from are among some of the most polluting.

Check Tyre Pressure

Further, to ensure your tyres have enough grip, you should keep your tyre pressure at an appropriate level of between 30 and 35 PSI. Low tyre pressure can impact your tread and reduce its lifespan by up to 30%. Additionally, when your tyres aren't inflated enough, more drag is placed upon them. More drag means your car has to work harder and will increase your fuel consumption. Conversely, high tyre pressure won't increase fuel consumption but rather decrease it. However, too high will cause uneven wear and tear across the surface.

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