LIFESTYLE: How A Baby Room Changes To A Toddler Room

 So your child is now 2 years old and they have officially entered the toddler phase. This is when the child has gone from being a baby to now, being able to walk and talk completely on their own. The room has to charge with their newfound character to fit their personality growing up. They have to feel like they’re in a room that will reflect their personality for the next 3 years. So consider what kinds of things they like and implement them into the room. But that’s in terms of design and style, what kinds of changes need to happen, practically speaking?

First the bed

Move that cot or crib out of the way, it's time for his or her first real bed. If you only have a girl, you can choose these types of girls beds. It's probably dawned on you by now if you have a girl and a boy, that boys are usually not as bothered about their rooms. So choosing a girl’s bed that is going to fit her view, her personality, and character is where you should focus. Don’t just go for the pink beds, consider a hideaway house bed or a midsleeper bed. The explorer treehouse bed is very popular with young girls that love to climb, jump, run and splash in puddles. The most boisterous girls love this type of bed because it looks and feels like you’re in a makeshift shack, exploring a hidden jungle.


A floor for playing

Back when your child was a baby they only used the floor for changing or maybe to get a nap. But now that you have a toddler, you‘ll want to take the floor a lot more friendly to their nature, which is constant play. So, think about buying bigger cushions so the child can rest on them or use them to break their fall if they trip over. The floor should also have a play pad, which is not the same as a normal cushion. This is large, flat, and has padding instead of stuffing or foam. It is something the toddler can use to sit on for a long period of time and not feel the harshness of the floor. A beanbag chair or something similar would be fantastic. 

Sofa seat

A toddler would love to have a reading seat, where they can climb up and just reward their favorite books. A sofa seat is the best choice because it's going to put up with your toddler’s bashfulness. The padding is going to be comfortable and the seat won’t be so easily moved around so your toddler won’t be using it as a ladder to climb up to a window ledge. This style of seat is best in a fabric finish, such as cotton, or synthetics like nylon.

A toddler room is a big change from a baby's room. But you have so many more options than before, so involve your child in the process of the design and get creative together.!

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