This little lady is 3 today! I haven't blogged in so long and really want to try and write a new post each week as a little update. Today was Amelia's 3rd birthday! I'm sooo tired, it's been a super long day. We are currently in a national lockdown here so there wasn't much we could do but we still had a lovely day. 

We woke up early about 6:30 and started the day by opening presents. Amelia loved opening her presents and was so so fast! I think she found it a little overwhelming. We got her some lovely presents, some dress up outfits, wooden ice cream cart, play doh, a Disney princess till. I decorated the living room with loads of balloons and we went for a mermaid theme. I also made a mermaid cake. 

We had some visitors pop by to drop off presents and played with new toys and opened presents all day. We had pancakes with Nutella for breakfast, an afternoon tea with cakes for lunch and Pizza for dinner. It was such a lovely day. Amelia was so excited about it being her birthday, it was so cute. It was a shame we didn't get to go on a day out or for food like we usually would but i'm sure we can make it up to her. 

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