Video games come with many advantages. They can teach our kids motor skills, they can help our kids interact with other children around their age, and it also keeps them out of trouble. However, it’s also important to focus on keeping your kids active by encouraging them to go outside and play sports and other physical activities with their friends and family members. Encouraging your kids to put down their video games can be difficult unless you put harsh arbitrary limitations on their ability to play.

Instead of being heavy-handed, it’s a good idea to take a gentle approach to help encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities instead of playing games all day. Here are a couple of tips to help you do just that.

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Keep track of how much time they spend on video games

First, make sure you start tracking how much time they spend on video games. A lot of kids will argue back when you tell them they play too many video games. They’ll say they don’t really play that much and that you’re exaggerating the time. To counter this, keep track of how long they play so you can quickly squash this argument.

Introduce other hobbies to expand their interests

If you want to get your kids off their video games then you need to replace it with something equally as stimulating and productive. For example, you can try introducing them to art, reading comic books or even sports. If they don’t find it as fun or engaging as video games, then it’s down to you to convince them to try something new.

Consider starting a long-term project in something creative

Kids are very open to trying new things, especially when it comes to creative endeavours. However, it needs to be something that they can work on for a long period of time. Try to encourage your kids to get off video games by starting a long-term creative project. This can include planting flowers or fruits in the garden, or it could mean building something like a shed or bedroom together.

Arrange more outdoor activities on a regular basis

Your kids aren’t going to go outside on their own unless they have a reason to. You might find it beneficial to arrange more outdoor activities such as fundraising fun runs or sports days with their friends and family members. This will help encourage them to get outside more often, and it can also turn into a chance to network with other kids and make new friends.

If they’re adamant about video games, make sure it’s something that helps them get creative

Lastly, if they’re adamant about playing video games then you can make sure it’s at least something creative or stimulating. For instance, Minecraft is a great video game for kids to play for longer periods because it usually involves making things and expressing their creativity. It’s similar to a modern-day LEGO where your kids can build unique things and show off their creations.

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