LIFESTYLE: Brilliant Makeover Ideas To Radically Transform Your Garage

 If you thought that the garage was just a space for tools and a vehicle or two, then you’re sadly mistaken. This space has been among the most neglected in our homes. But once you make proper use of it, you can transform your lifestyle and get a bunch of benefits you never imagined. 

Is the clutter in your garage preventing you from parking your car? Are you sick and tired of paying for a space in your home that doesn’t serve any useful function? 

If so, check out this post where we run through a bunch of brilliant makeover ideas to radically transform your garage. 

Put Your Tools On Magnetic Storage Strips

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Whenever you encounter a properly organised garage, you’ll often see all the tools arranged neatly on the walls. It looks professional, and it’s also extremely convenient for the owner. But how do you do it?

There are several options here. The old-fashioned approach was to nail a bunch of hooks into the wall and then fit tools that way. But today you can get helpful magnetic strips that work with most kinds of tools, so long as they contain magnetic metal. It’s quick, reliable and neat too. 

Upgrade Your Door

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Are you still using a traditional mechanical garage door? If so, you could be missing a trick. According to Pinnacle Garage Doors, there are many different automatic options available today which offer multiple benefits. For instance, did you know that you can get doors that automatically retract and then roll up on the ceiling, saving you space? There are also doors that you can control from your device - great for when you arrive home from work in the car. 

Invest In Overhead Storage

The priority in your garage should be to keep your items off the floor so that you have a large area to keep your vehicle. But achieving this can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of tools. 

The solution here is to use all the vertical space at your disposal and use a step ladder to access it. That way, you can prevent clutter from reducing the size of the footprint available. 

Upgrade The Flooring

How many people do you know who have concrete floors in their garages? Probably everyone. 

But is concrete really the best material? Probably not.

Yes, it provides plenty of strength, making it great for supporting vehicles. But it’s not attractive, and it doesn’t feel good underfoot. 

So what are your options? 

A lot of people like to put down industrial vinyl in their garages. It feels better when you walk on it, it won’t break when you drop tools on it, and it comes in a range of attractive styles and colours. 

Create A Sports Rack

Finally, it’s a good idea to create a sports rack for all your bats and balls, especially if you have kids. Put up hooks for things like tennis racquets and add baskets for footballs, tennis balls and other objects you and the children need for playing sports. 

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