Fathers day is on the 21st June 2020 

With Fathers Day just around the corner I thought i'd share a few of my favourite picks from Moonpig as they have a really good range of gifts right now. They have a really good selection of cards too so you can buy your gift and card from the same place and even have it delivered straight to your dad in time for the big day without getting out of bed! This is great during the strange times, the shops are a little crazy right now so at least by shopping online with Moonpig it reduces the amount of time you need to spend at the shops. 

I picked out a few bits and got this super cute card from Amelia for Clint, I love that you can get personalised cards on Moonpig, they are just so thoughtful. 

The first gift I picked out was this really cool Beer Hawk Cheers Dad gift set which is the perfect gift for any beer drinking Dad. Clint is really into his craft beers and IPA's at the moment and we haven't tried any from Beer Hawk so this was perfect chance to give them a try. This gift set includes a selection of beers and comes with a glass and some snacks. This set was £25 but they have a few different beer gift sets depending on your budget. 

Next I picked out this 100 Movies scratch off poster as Clint is a really big film fan and has watched SOOO many films so I thought this would be really fun for him to go through and scratch off any films he's watched and then we can try watching the ones that are left. 

Finally I picked out this cool Jelly Bean Bean boozled game as he loves Jelly Beans and this sounded fun. I though it was a nice little gift idea. 

Moonpig have a really good selection of cards and gifts that are perfect for Fathers Day. They have a great selection so there's something for every Dad. They even have experience days so why not treat your dad to a fab day out when everything is back to normal! It would be so nice for him to have something to look forward to. What are you going to pick out for you Dad this Fathers Day? 

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