A renovation project, whether you’re having a new kitchen or any other work done, can be pretty stressful. While making changes to your home is always exciting, there’s also a lot of noise, dust, and decisions involved, never mind the inconvenience of trying to live in a building site. If you’re having renovations done, here are some simple tips to make things less stressful and easier to live through. 

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  1. Keep pets out of the way. If you have pets, they’re likely to find the whole thing very unsettling. Dogs especially may be distressed by all the strange people coming in and out of the house, and any pet will be upset by all the noise of building work. To give you one less thing to worry about, try to keep them out of the house. Could they stay with a friend or a family member while work is ongoing? Even if you can get someone else to take them during the hours the builders are working, things will be less scary for them. 
  2. Put things in storage. If you’re clearing out the kitchen ready to be renovated, you’ve got a lot of stuff to find homes for until it can go back into the kitchen. If you have piles of plates everywhere, they can easily get broken and having your whole house feel like the kitchen cupboard will quickly get annoying. Lots of people recommend KeepSafe Storage to store your things out of the way, where they’ll be safe. 
  3. Keep it clean. Renovations are messy. Building dust can feel like it’s getting all over the house, which is annoying. Do your best to keep things clean to avoid the stress. Cover doorways into the room being renovated with heavy plastic sheeting or dust sheets to minimize the amount of dust getting around the house. Think about the access your builders have to the house. Is there an easy way for them to come in and out which means they have less of the house to walk through in dirty work boots? 
  4. Ask questions. There’s a lot of choices to make during renovations, from choosing new tiles to choosing paint colors. If your contractor is asking you to make a choice that you don’t really understand, then make sure you ask plenty of questions. For example, if you’re picking between different flooring, ask about the difference so you understand what you’re choosing between. Ask what will be most hard-wearing and easiest to clean, or ask how the tiles you’re picking will need to be cleaned. If you don’t understand, you can’t make informed choices. 
  5. Give yourself a break. It can be easy to feel like you need to be among the building work every second of the day, so you can keep an eye on the work and make decisions. While it is important that you’re there for any major stages, the stress of living among building work can soon take its toll. Remember to give yourself a break, even if it’s just to get out for coffee.

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