LIFESTYLE: 5 Ways You Could Be Wrecking Your Home (Without Even Knowing It)

Most of us take pride in our homes and we like to think we’re doing everything we can, from spending a fortune on the decor to spending more time than we might like cleaning, to have our homes looking their best. However, a lot of the time, the things we are doing, or not doing, are actually wrecking our homes without us even knowing it! 

Don’t believe me? Here are a few ways you could unwittingly be ruining your home:

1.Leaving the blinds open

We all like to open the blinds in the morning to let in the light and enjoy a bit of sun, but do you leave your blinds open all day every day? If you do, especially in the summertime, you could be wrecking your floors, furniture and even your paintwork because the sun not only fades wallpaper, paint and wood, but it can also discolour carpets and even warp your furniture if you’re really unlucky. So, next time you head out on a sunny day, close the blinds for a while and give your home a break from those harmful UV rays.

2. Letting that tap drip too long

A lot of us when we see that one of our taps is dripping, ignore the problem. After all, it’s only dripping a little so it can wait, right? Well you might get lucky, and that may be the case, but so often, the longer you leave a slight drip, the worse it will get until you’re on the phone to an emergency plumber covered in water with a bathroom that looks like a flood has hit it. Take care of plumbing problems right away and save your home.

3. Shunning vacuuming in favour of sweeping

I know sometimes it’s easier to sweep your hardwood floors than it is to get the vacuum out and use that, but if your floor has lots of little abrasive pieces of dirt and debris sitting around on it, the act of sweeping them and pushing them around could cause your floors to become scratched and damaged. It’s far better to vacuum wooden floors because it picks up rather than pushes around and you don’t encounter this issue as a result.

4. Not using a stud finder

Have you ever nailed something into the wall without first using a stud finder? I bet you have we all have right? Sure, but here’s the thing, you really shouldn’t because if you don’t, you have no guarantee that you’re nailing your picture frame or whatever into a part of the wall that’s strong enough to support it and that could result in crumbling, damaged walls which means more plastering for you.

5. Letting trees grow free

If you have trees n your garden, you’ll know that the bigger they grow the more majestic they look and the better they are at providing a shady spot to sit, but letting them grow too big could cause damage to your roof, windows and the sides of your home due to branches scratching and hitting the structure and due to excess levels of moisture deposited by the tree. Not only that, but falling leaves could clog up your gutters and drains. Keep your trees in check.

Were you doing any of these potential homewrecking things?

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