I love the idea of renovating our own home. At the moment we are renting so really limited in the changes we can make but we are planning on buying a home soon and I have already started planning the renovations and how we can create the perfect family home for us. I have a big family and we always go round to my moms for dinner as she has a big kitchen/ dining room and I would really like to have a big family kitchen so we can have everyone over to ours for dinner. 

I thought i'd share some tips and things to think about and consider when you are renovating a house or room. 

First up, what do you want to achieve? Do you want more storage? more space? do you want it to feel cosy? do you want it to feel bigger? This is a good place to start otherwise you might get overwhelmed. I want more storage and I want the kitchen to be spacious with plenty of room for all the family and for the kids to run around. Use your measurements and try to come up with a design of the best ways to use the space you have, there's loads of websites you can use to create a design. 

Budget - This should also be one of the first things you think about with any renovation. You need to look into the cost to remodel a kitchen , this will depend on the amount of work you expect to need. If you are going to extend the room and require plastering, new electrics/ pluming this would cost a lot more than just upgrading your cupboards and worktops.   

The design / finishing touches - It's easy to get caught up with the finishing touches like taps and door handles but it's important to do research into everything. Check measurements, read customer reviews on that particular cupboard feature, is an oak worktop the most practical for your family? Is a matte finish going to stay matte with the kids grubby fingers touching them? There are so many different elements to think about and consider when choosing the right products for your renovation.  

Go to showrooms and check out similar kitchen renovations- I would really recommend going into shops to have a look at kitchens in real life, because they are expensive and it's a lot of money to spend on something you've only seen online. By going into store you can feel the quality and see the colours in real life, even if you end up buying it online you might get some good ideas. Also why not knock on and see how your neighbors or people with a similar style house have done their kitchens, you might get some ideas or they could share stories on issues they had with the design. 

Have you ever done a renovation?  Is there any tips and tricks you can share to help things run as smoothly as possible? 

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