Amelia is now 7 months old and shes had a few coughs and colds. It's such a horrible feeling when your baby isn't well and you feel like there's nothing you can do. I thought i'd feature a few products we've used when Amelia has been poorly and a few tips on how to make them a little more comfortable. 

I found that Amelia is most uncomfortable during the night so when she has a cold or cough I would use the Calpol Vapour plug in her room. You just plug it in and you replace a cartridge each night which releases vapours into the air, this eases breathing during the night, we've found it works well for Amelia.

We've been using a few products from Snufflebabe to help relieve Amelia when shes been poorly, I really like the Nasal Spray and find this works really well at clearing her blocked nose. I find it's a bit easier to use that the nasal drops. 

We have also been using the Snufflebabe nasal drops, it's a saline solution which you can use along side the nasal aspirator or on it's own to clear blocked noses. This just makes baby more comfortable as you can't really get a baby to blow their nose which is usually all they need to do. 

I feel like the Nasal drops and nasal spray really clear the nose and throat of mucus and help Amelia to breathe much easier and stops her nose from irritating her. 

Honestly she's not a huge fan of having the saline put in her nose and usually kicks off but she feels much better afterwards. My favourite thing about the Snufflebabe products is they are suitable from birth ( apart from the vapour rub which is 3 months) as some products have weight restrictions and some are from a certain age and when your baby is sick you just want a product on hand that you can use right away without worrying about whether shes old enough or big enough to use it. 

Similar to the Snufflebabe vapour rub is the Mustela Chest Rub, we were sent this a while ago and have recently been using as Amelias had a few colds, I like this because it's a cream not a balm and it rubs into the skin really easily. Again it's suitable from birth which is great. The pine scent promotes comfort and relaxes the baby. I love that it comes in a tube as usually vapour rubs come in a pot that you have to stick your finger in and I prefer a tube that you can squeeze product out. 

These are a few of the products we have been using with Amelia, alongside Calpol if shes really uncomfortable but I think these products are great at helping move mucus and relieving her and making her more comfortable. Another thing we do when shes snuffly is bring her into the bathroom and either run and hot shower or bath and this helps them breathe easier too. I usually put some relaxing music on my phone and light some candles and we will chill out. We have also tried some baby massage as this can help them breathe and unblock any mucus that is stuck. 

* this post contains pr samples. 

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