Everything has started to get a little overwhelming recently so i've decided to take a step back and think about myself and concentrate on some self-care. Having suffered with Anxiety for a couple of years now I know how important it is to look after your mental well-being aswell as yourself physically.  I thought i'd talk about a few ways that I stay positive and ways in which I plan to find myself and overcome this anxiety and stress that is getting me down.

I'm due to go back to work next month and i'm having a few difficulties getting set days, this is causing me stress and there's not much I can do about this. I do tend to jump to the worst conclusions and worry about things that I shouldn't really worry about. I know that I will have to make it work and if I am not able to arrange childcare I will just have to phone work and tell them that I can't make it in today. I know theres a logical end to this scenario but my mind jumps to the worst outcomes and I just fret and worry and sometimes theres no need. All I can do is take each week as they come and try to do the best I can. 

There's a few ways I manage my anxiety, one of these is by looking at different possible outcomes, I find it easy to write them down and pick which one is the most likely, it's usually not the one that i'm worrying about. I find writing lists really helps me and I always write lists when i'm in bed worrying about things as it can usually wait till the morning. 

I've been looking into numerology and hypnotherapy as ways to reduce my anxiety. Hypnotherapy addresses your emotional and mental state and numerology is the relationship between numbers and events. If you keep seeing the same numbers it might we worth checking out what they mean. I always see 11:11 and I have done for a number of years and it's meaning is to do with the spiritual awakening across the globe. Some believe that angelic beings are close by.

I want to do more exercise, even if this is just a walk with Amelia or doing my fitness DVD. I find exercise gives me time to think and it calms me, exercise releases endorphins and can have a really positive effect on mental health. It can also help you sleep better with is a big issue i've been having recently. 

Winding down,  I am always doing something on my phone, or blogging or editing photos and I always do this before bed. I want to use some time to wind down, read a book, have a bath/shower, listen to some calming music. This is a good method to help you switch off and stop worrying about things like social media and my blog before bed. 

Talking of social media, I think it would do me some good to have a little social media break. We are all so obsessed with whats going on it other peoples life. I've found that sometimes social media does nothing for my mental health. I'm constantly comparing myself to others. Why have that brand worked with them? Why do they get to go on so many holidays? It's not good so i'm thinking of having a little break, maybe when I go on holiday in a few weeks. 

I'm going to start putting myself first a little more and having some more me time to hopefully sort my mental health out a little and find of more positive version of myself. 

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