We recently went along to a blogger event at Kelmarsh Hall with Bambo Nature Uk, You can see my full post here all about the lovely event we attended and all about the brand. We were gifted lots of lovely products from their range including some of their skincare bits and pieces. I thought i'd review the skincare products as we've been using them alot recently. 

Bambo Nature have an amazing range of products including Eco-Disposable nappies and wipes. As well as their nappies and wipes they have released a new vegan, cruelty free skincare range. 

The Bambo Nature range is accredited by several certification organisations that guarantee the safe use and environmental friendliness of the products. The Nordic Eco-label on the Bambo Nature range is your guarantee that the products are certified to be environment-friendly. 

The brand are not just accredited by the Nordic-Eco Label but also Asthma and Allergy Denmark and Dermatology tested. This means these products are less likely to cause any irritation, eczema or allergy on babies skin. Unfortunately for us we have found that Amelia does seem to be allergic to the nappies and wipes but she has very sensitive skin and i'm actually allergic to a lot of more natural products so I wouldn't let that put you off. We have tried some of their skincare range which so far so good... no allergies. The brand have actually won loads of awards for their products which you can check out  here on their website.

First up is the Splish Splash Bath Oil, this is made with mild, natural oils that help maintain the skins moisture balance and leave it soft. I really like this bath oil as it's not greasy and leaves Amelia's skin feeling really soft and smooth. I love using the bath oil to do baby massage, I tend to do it just before bathtime, the oil heats up well by rubbing the hands together and it is really easy to rub into the skin. Amelia has very sensitive skin and has allergies and eczema so I have to be careful when using new skincare products on her. We haven't had any issues with the Bambo Nature skincare products which is great.

My favourite product is the Bath Buddy hair & body wash, again it's great for Amelia's sensitive skin. I love that I can use the one product all over so I don't have to mess about using different products. It's so gentle that it doesn't irritate her eyes so it doesn't matter if a little water goes in her eye. The wash leaves her hair looking really nice a clean and it smells good too even though it contains no perfumes, this minimizes the risk of allergy. 

I'm loving the Bambo Nature skincare range, and love that it's all Vegan and really sensitive and gentle for perfect for newborn baby skin. As I mentioned above Amelia has Eczema and we have tried other skincare brands and shes had bad reactions to products or they have really dried her skin out but we've found that the Bambo Nature skincare is great for her skin and it leaves it feeling super soft but also really clear. 

*this post contains pr samples

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