Freddie's Flowers is an flower subscription service. It's £22 per box and you can sign up for weekly deliveries. No delivery charges and they take payment on the day of delivery so your not tied into a set number of deliveries. Use the flower calender to organise your deliveries

Freddie's Flowers deliver all over mainland UK and their vans choose routes to keep emissions down, they also make some deliveries by bike.

Why not treat your mom to a flower delivery this Mothers Day, you could pay for a few weeks and she would get a fresh delivery week after week.

The flowers come packed into a box which can be left so you don't have to stay in waiting for your delivery. Mine had actually been left in the side passage all day as I had them delivered to my mum's house and they still looked really good when I got them out of the box.

They arrived in a long cardboard box and the flowers were wrapped in brown paper and tied using string. The flowers were placed really well and there was brown paper at either end to reduce the risk of the flowers getting damaged.

Inside the box was a little booklet that told you some information about the brand and a little information about how to arrange flowers and what to do with your flowers.

I used this information to arrange the flowers and i'm super happy with how they have turned out. They look really unique and unusual, it's not just a bunch of Roses or Lillies. There are some gorgeous Pink and Purple Tulips, purple Iris, Crinkly leapittosporum and Birch twigs. This creates a beautiful arrangement of flowers. 

I love how bright the flowers are and they look amazing in my bright blue vase. I'm tempted to cut a few of the Tulips down and pop them in a smaller vase. There's loads of flowers, my vase is bursting with flowers!

I'm really impressed with the flowers, you get loads of flowers for £22! It's such a gorgeous bunch of flowers and honestly i've paid more for alot less flowers and flowers that were boring and bland from a much bigger brand but Freddie's Flowers are so different and such a lovely smaller brand who deserve your custom. It's a great price and I was really happy with how the flowers were packaged. It's a lovely brand and such a great idea. I'd love to recieve some gorgeous fresh flowers every week! 

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