SnüzPouch Sleeping Bag 2.5tog -Wave Mono

We have been using the SnüzPouchfor a couple of months now and I thought i'd feature it in a full review today. The SnüzPouch is a sleeping bag for babies, the 0-6 months pouch is suitable for babies from 4kg so we couldn't use it from birth with Amelia because she was small but it fits her beautifully now. 

The SnüzPouch is available in lots of colours and prints and aswell as the 2.5 tog they are available in 1.0 tog 

The SnüzPouch has a handy zip that makes nighttime changes really easy, the zips are kept safe and secure too away from baby. 

It's made from super soft cotton so it's really gentle and soft on babies skin. It's really comfy and cosy and keeps Amelia nice and warm at night. The 2.5 tog is perfect all year round and will last her a good few months. She has loads of growing room and the poppers make it lovely and snug around her arms so it doesn't move around.

I love the monochrome print, I just love the modern print and think the contrasting colours look fab. 

We haven't got a 6months + sleeping bag just yet but I think we will seriously consider the SnüzPouch again because I think it's such a lovely quality, it's super soft and they do some lovely prints and colours so they look great. It's washed up really well and I have to wash it very often as Amelia is quite sicky. I feel that the SnüzPouch is quite expensive in comparison to some of the other sleeping bags but it's such a lovely quality and I know it washes well. 


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