I'm now 37 weeks so baby can arrive at anytime so I've got my bags all packed and ready to go by the front door. I have already done a post on what I have packed for baby so if you missed that you can go and read that here 

These are the items that I have packed for myself. Clint is going to be bringing a bag too and the baby has her own bag.

I've tried to think of products that will make my labor easier and i've tried to pack everything I think i'm going to need. I understand that half of this stuff will probably be left in the bag and never actually used but at least I have it if I need it. I'm gonna write a list of the bits I've packed and if you think i've missed anything please let me know.

First of all how cute is my bag? It's from Hunkemoller, they actually specialise in Lingerie but also stock other bits like bags, sportswear and much more. I thought the striped trolley bag would be perfect as my hospital bag as it's quite big so I can fit everything inside but it also has wheels aswell as two decent sized straps. Clint will probably be wheeling it along anyway but it will make it so much easier to bring over to the maternity unit. The bag is also waterproof and the quality is amazing, it's really sturdy and thick so no need to worry about overpacking.

Here's what I've packed inside the bag:

Hospital notes and birth plan 

shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste & brushes, deodrant, lipbalm, face wash, dry shampoo, water spray, carex refreshing wipes, tissues, nipple cream, micellar water, cotton pads, day cream.
One of the compartments of my toiletry bag actually detaches so i've tried to put things I will need during labor and things for the shower in here so I can easily bring that part with me instead of taking the whole bag. 

Make up - I probably won't put any on but i've packed a BB cream, brow pencil, mascara and concealer just incase I feel up to it. It's nice to have the choice. 

Tangle Teezer, bobbles and hair grips

Maternity Pads - The bigger the better! 

Breast pads, I've popped a handful into my make up bag

Disposable briefs - easy to throw away and they are designed to fit the maternity pads easily inside. 

Nursing Bras - I have a couple from Bravado, read my review here 

Flip flops - for the shower

Slippers and socks - apparently your feet can get cold, slippers for walking around. 

Nightdresses - I've packed two, a strappy one ( thats old and I don't mind throwing away) 
A nightshirt, I thought this might make breastfeeding easier as I can undo the buttons.

Comfy Clothes - For going home, I've packed a few pairs of comfy knickers, some maternity leggings and a baggy top. 

My Water Bottle - easy to drink out of when lying down. 

My Camera - I want to try and film as much of the birth and have some pictures to remember everything. My camera is right by the bags however I will give this to Clint or my mom once we are in labour.

I might bring my birthing ball and pregnancy pillow with my for labour.

I still need to get some Lucozade drinks and some snacks, these will probably be in Clints bags as will any chargers, phones etc so it's all safe and he can get to everything easily instead of messing up my bag. 

I haven't packed a dressing gown as i've heard you should bring a lightweight one and I feel like I wont use it and it will be a waste. What do you think ? 

Is there anything else I've missed? What must haves did you use during labour? 

* this post contains pr samples,  I have not been paid for this post, this post is honest and my own opinions.

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