I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and it's all getting very real! We had discussions earlier on in the pregnancy about having a C-section around now but that's no longer the case but it's crazy to think that any time now our little bubba could make an appearance.

I've been having alot of twinges and aches and pains so i'm hoping that she will arrive this side of her due date as I really don't want to go overdue. I've had the bags half packed for a few weeks now but I went through and made sure i've got everything I think i'm going to need. 

I'm just going to list the items i've packed for bubba and I will do a separate blog post about the items i've packed for myself. 

My bag is a Cath Kidston bag, it's actually a changing bag. I got it from the Bicester Village outlet a few weeks ago, they no longer have this print online but here it is in a different pattern if you want to check it out. It's a lovely dark pink/berry colour and has a very pretty floral design. Inside you get two pouches one is actually a thermal pouch for food/ bottles and the other is for your nappies/wipes etc, you also get a portable changing mat which is handy. The bag is a nice size not too big and bulky but plenty of room for all the bits you need for bubba. 

Now onto the items i've packed inside the bag: 

Snowsuit - for the journey home
4 sleepsuits ( range of sizes 3x first size 1x newborn) 
4 vests ( 2x newborn 2x first size) 
2 hats ( 1x wool 1x jersey)
Scratchmits- Just incase we need them, however most of the sleepsuits have them built in
2x muslin squares 
comforter / toy 
nappies (i've packed about 12) 
wipes - I know you are not meant to use wipes on newborns but our midwife recommended them for that first poo as sometimes cotton wool just isn't enough. Also they are handy for any spillages etc
Cotton Wool
Nappy Bags
Blankets - Bubba is due Nov 4th so I expect it to be quite chilly. I've got 3 blankets ready by my hospital bags and will see what one is most suitable on the actual day depending on the weather. We can always bring them all and just leave them in the car so we have them for the trip home. 

I plan on breast feeding so I haven't packed any bottles or milk for this reason. Obviously if you plan on bottle feeding you would need to pack some form of milk. You can buy little ready-made starter packs that they recommend using for the hospital. 

I haven't packed any dummies as I don't plan on using them however we do have a few so I might just chuck one in - just incase. 

Can you think of anything i've missed? What products did you pack for baby? 

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