Today's post is a review of these Nursing bras from a brand called Bravado* who specialise in Maternity and Nursing bras. To be honest I wasn't very sure if these would fit me as I have very big boobs but was happy to give them a go and I thought they would come in handy for in the house and through the night if they were a little snug.

Before I was pregnant I was wearing a 30FF and i'm now 27 weeks and already wearing 34GG, i'm still wearing wired bras and having them regularly checked at Bravissimo but finding towards the end of the day they are feeling uncomfortable and I just want to take my bra off. I have been reaching for these non-wired bras whilst i'm at home so that i'm getting a little bit of support.

I opted for the Seamless nursing bra in Latte as this is a very nude shade and I though this would work well under lighter colours which it does. I like that the cups are very smooth and seamless so they are really easy to wear under t-shirts. These have nursing clips which will be perfect for when baby is here as I plan on breastfeeding. In the mean time i've been wearing these around the house on my days off or when I get home from work as they are so comfortable. The straps adjust really easily so you can tighten or loosen them to your desired length. The material is really soft and stretchy so it moulds to your shape.

I've also got the same style in the grey Yoga version which again is so so comfy and really easy to wear as it sits smooth under my clothes. You get a little lift and a nice round shape which I like as sometimes with non-wired styles I think the shape can be pointy.

I've been wearing both styles at home and i've been shopping and to my parents wearing them and honestly they are so comfy and give a little support. My boobs are big so I'm still wearing my wired bras for work and if i'm out for a while as I feel like I need that bit more support but these are great when I just want to be comfortable.

When your boobs are fluctuating it's good to opt for a non-wired bra as it's safer so towards the end of my pregnancy and when i'm nursing I will be wearing non-wired bras all the time and I would recommend the Bravado ones as they are really comfy and easy to wear. They have a good selection of colours, I would say they are practical and not that pretty but most nursing bras are very plain anyway.

Overall i'm really happy with these, the material is really soft and I think they will last well. I will probably buy a couple in the next size as I'm wearing the L and they fit me well now but I expect my boobs will get bigger towards the end of my pregnancy and when baby is here and my milk comes in properly. Based on their size chart I only needed a M so I would say to size up as I went for the L and it fits perfectly. Obviously as baby isn't here yet I haven't been using the Nursing clips but i'll let you know how I get on when i'm using this style for nursing.

* Pr sample

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