I never expected for my skin to change so much during pregnancy but it has actually gone really dry. Dry skin was one of the first things I noticed during early pregnancy. My scalp and hands went so dry, I couldn't believe that this tiny little thing inside me was causing so many changes to my body.

I've been keeping my skin well moisturised throughout the pregnancy. I've been using a few different products but today i'm talking about the Burts Bees Mama Bee body oil.

I've been using the oil since very early on in the pregnancy. I've been loving this and their Leg and Foot cream ( which is amazing!! ) The oil smells incredible, it's a lemony smell which I love, however I get a craving for Lemon Drizzle cake everytime I use it.

I've only just started to get a few stretch marks and i'm now 38 weeks pregnant and my skin is stretching alot so I think thats pretty good going. I think if I hadn't moisturised that the stretch marks would be so bad.

The oil rubs in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling so soft. My skin is left feeling nourished and hydrated, it is oily when you apply but dries into the skin right away.

I'm really happy with the Mama Bee range and have also been using the Foot and Leg cream which is lovely, it cools your legs and feet right now and smells very minty which is gorgeous. I have a few products from their baby range so once bubba is here I will give them a go and let you know how we get on.

*This post contains pr samples. I have not been paid for this post. The post is honest and my own views.

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