I thought it might be quite fun to talk about what I do on a day to day basis as my life is pretty much about to change in every way possible. If you didn't know ( WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? ) i'm pregnant and my baby is due pretty much any day now. We are due on the 4th November but I have a feeling she is going to make an early entrance. Once little bubba is here pretty much everything is going to change, I will have a little person that I have to look after every second of every day.

I'm currently on maternity leave so I've had lots of time to work on my blog and catch up with friends, I've even been watching a few seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

I usually start by waking up and checking my phone, i'll scroll through everything Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, check my emails and Snapchat before getting up and ready for the day.

Once i'm up i'll pop the kettle on and make my breakfast, I've been loving Coco Pops throughout pregnancy. I usually have toast or a bagel with a cup of tea. Another look at my phone and whats going on in the world before getting ready.

My dressing table is in my bedroom and usually i'll watch a few Youtube videos or listen to some music on Spotify whilst I get ready. Once my make up is all done and my hair is straight I go and pick out an outfit and get dressed.

Then it's time to think about blogging and how i'm going to spend the day. I write a lot of lists and will usually try and plan out what blog posts i'm going to write. I'll reply to any emails and spend time working on my blog whether that's writing a product review, taking photos for my blog or I could have an outfit to feature so Clint and I might pop out to take some outfit snaps.

Sometimes i'll go and meet a friend for a coffee in town or have a chilled day at home, as I said i've been watching Netflix, right now i'm watching Gossip Girl. I'm nearly finished season 2, it's soo good.

I'll usually keep an eye on my emails throughout the day via my phone but if there's any important ones i'll pop my laptop back on and reply to a few emails. On the evening's I try and keep them free so I can chill out with Clint. We love watching films and will usually watch a film on Netflix.

As you can see I spend alot of time on my laptop and on my phone so it's really important that I have good broadband. We don't have any problems with our internet and as I said above I use it alot! It's great when were watching our programmes and films online, we don't get any buffering. It's really fast when i'm browsing my social media apps and even uploading videos to Youtube doesn't take me very long at all. Check out what packages Talk Talk Business have to offer.

And that's pretty much it, I love having a nice hot bath and unwinding. get my pj's on and ready for bed. I've been reading a few pregnancy books before bed to relax and get myself ready for bed. I've also been thinking about Christmas alot as it's just around the corner. I've been writing lists and browsing on my phone looking for the perfect gifts for our friends and family. I think were going to be doing most of our Christmas shopping online this year as I really don't fancy doing my Christmas shopping and battling the crowds with a new born baby.

How much do you use your internet at home? Do you use the internet to upload videos and watch films at home like us? Or do you just do abit of online shopping and Skype your family and friends? Use the hashtag #BroadbandandMe to share how important decent internet speeds are to you and what you use your internet for when your at home.

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