With summer here finally festival season is among us so I thought i'd put together a post with a few top tips for festivals and mention a few upcoming festivals.

1. Picking the right festival!! Alot of festivals have a reputation and you can usually guess what artists will play which festivals. For example if your into your rock/ indie then Download tend to have lots of rock bands playing and a few indie bands. If your into more pop/ rnb then Glastonbury or V Festival are more likely to be your cuppa. Be sure to do your research and see whos headlining the festivals before you buy your tickets, make sure theres plenty of people you want to see.

2. Planning! Be sure to plan what you are bringing with you, how you are getting to the festival? How much money you will need etc. These are all important elements to make sure your experience runs smooth. We traveled by train so I used a small suitcase for my clothes however this wasn't very festival field friendly and got so muddy. If you are getting a train then book your tickets in advance to get the best deals.

3. Look after your tickets or wristbands. You usually get your ticket/ wristbands posted out to you so be careful to look after them and don't forget to bring them with you on the day. I still have my wristband for V Festival when I went a couple of years ago, they are really cool keepsakes.

4. What to pack? There's so much stuff you need to bring to a festival with you!
Clothes, Food, Money, Drinks (plenty of water and alcohol for in your tent) a tent and sleeping bag, some foldaway chairs, floral crowns, dry shampoo, texturising spray, charger for phone, ( at vfestival they had lockers and stations where you could charge your phone) camera, comfy shoes, waterproof jacket,

5. festivals can be really expensive and you have to get your ticket straight away as those tickets sell out! So plan in advance save up all year so you have the money ready and then when those tickets go on sale you already have the money saved to buy your ticket. There's nothing worse than the perfect line up being released and you can't afford a ticket.

6. Who to go with? I think it would be great to go as part of a big group as not everyone wants to see Beiber so if theres plenty of you then surely someone will go along and sway to 'what do you mean?'

7. SUNCREAM! I know your probably thinking it always rains at festivals but when we went to V festival it rained all day and then on the last day the sun was so strong! I was so glad i'd brought sun cream and we needed it. Even if it's not very sunny the suns still there and you are going to be outside all day long so you need some kind of spf protection.

8. Look after your personal belongings. Try and bring as little as you can, if you don't want to loose it then don't bring it. You shouldn't leave valuables in your tent, if you need to leave it then put it in a locker. your phone and money is all you need and you should keep that on your person at all times. Girls bring a cross-over bag or bumbag if possible with a zip to keep all your goodies safe and sound.

Most of all have a good time! I loved V Festival, I really want to go this year as the line up is AMAZING!!! I just don't have the money boo!! I think i'm going to save up though and hopefully next years line up is good too!  If you've got any questions about camping at a festival or what I brought along with me then just let me know in the comments?  

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