Hello hello! you may have noticed i'm going on holiday in a few weeks so I took a cheeky trip to Primark to stock up on those holiday essentials. I thought i'd share a few bits and pieces with you guys. I'm only going away for 10 days so I didn't need to stock up on loads but I just wanted to get a few essentials. 

So of course I picked up some vest tops because primark ones are just so cheap and comfy. I got a thin strappy white one and striped one and then a thicker black strap vest too. 

I picked up this gorgeous khaki kaftan beach cover up thing which was only £5! I really like it and I know i'm gonna live in it on my holiday. 

I got a really cute cropped stripe vest aswell which I think was about £2.50, I don't normally wear crop tops but I think this looks really nice, I bought it a couple of sizes up too so its not too cropped ( needed to fit my boobs in) 

I also got these cute culottes which I really like, they are so comfy and cute and I think they will look really nice with a black vest top.

Aswell as clothes I needed a couple of bits so I got this towel which I absolutley love! I've picked it up a couple of times now but put it down but my beach towel is really looking worse for wear so I just got it anyway and i'm pretty sure it scanned through at £5 instead of £7 so it was fate!

I got these cute bracelets, they were only £2, I wanted some anklets but they didn't have any silver ones so I picked these up but they are too small for my ankles, might have a play with them and try and extend one of them. 

I thought i'd include these sunnies from last summer they are from primark too, I always stock up on primark sunglasses because they are so cheap i've got loads of pairs though so i've managed to not buy any recently. 

Finally my favourite thing is this bag, I spotted a few people mention it on instagram so I keep my eyes pealed in primark and was so happy when I spotted it.  I don't really need any more holiday bags but it's just so cute and its such an Amy bag.

So that's everything I picked up in Primark for my holiday, have you got a primark haul for your summer holiday? Where are you going on holiday this year? 

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