Not sure what to get your dad this Father's Day? Then your in luck because i've put this Gift Guide together to give you a few ideas. The Gift Guide products range in price and there's something for everyone!

Smellies - You can't go wrong with aftershave for your dad, they always need it and use it so if you can't thing of anything else then pick up their favourite bottle of aftershave. Ask at the counter what fragrances have been popular, I love the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier and Paco Robanne 1 million.
For a more affordable option these Lynx sets always go down well, my dad is always buying Lynx and he uses the shower gels so he appreciates the gift sets.

Shaving - Bluebeards Revenge*  have a great selection of shaving products aswell as moisturisers and hair products. Why not head on over to their website and check out the range. They have some really nice gift sets too which have lots of different products in. I love the packaging and the products are of a really high quality and they smell really nice.

Gadgets - My dad loves Gadgets, for every occasion, birthday etc he asks for a Drone, I bought him one for christmas so for Father's Day I decided to pick him up this Virtual Reality Headset which you hook up to your Iphone and you can watch 3D films and play games which seemed quite cool,  I picked these up on

Another good gift idea is a portable speaker. They are so handy, I have one and we use it all the time, we bring it to the park or if were going to the beach. I bring it on holiday so we can listen to music whilst we get ready. My dad loves listening to his music and what easier way than through a bluetooth speaker from your phone, this is the Elevate Breve Bluetooth Speaker* and it's only £23.99 right now from The Inside Man  and it's so loud and a really sleek design.

If your dad is into quirky gifts or has just moved into his own place and you want to get him some cool homeware bits then check out Red Candy. I love this bicycle pizza cutter* I think it's really fun and my dad eats alot of pizza. The legless corkscrew* is also from Red Candy and is another fun addition to any bachelor pad. I also thought i'd include this crystal skull*, I think this would be fab for parties, you can put anything inside from sweets and crisps to a cocktail or you can just use it for decoration it would look fab on shelf with other cool bits and pieces.

Socks- Can you really go wrong with socks, my dad gets through them so quickly so I picked him up a nice selection to keep him going for a few months.

Food and Drink- Why not treat your dad to a meal out at his favourite restaurant, or take him for a drink.  I stocked up on some sweeties for my dad as he has a real sweet tooth.

These Fathers Day teas* from Victoria Mae designs are a cute idea aswell, they are teabags inside a handmade pouch designed by Victoria Mae. They are fun and cute little designs that would just be a nice little addition to any gift this fathers day. My dad loves a good cuppa and would really like these. Victoria Mae has a selection of different Tea gift sets for many different occasions, not just fathers day so check those out too.

Fathers Day is on the 19th June so just over a week now, I hope this gift guide has given you an idea of what to get your dad for Fathers Day. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad open his Virtual Reality headset the most.

* this post contains pr samples, the post is honest and my own words and opinions. I have not been paid for this post

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